Conny Petö Đeneš

Growth and self-development – spiritual problems

For personal growth and development, I’m working with methods like transpersonal (psycho)therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, meditation, theta healing, and Jyostih counseling. These methods combine the awakening of personal awareness and intuition (non-rational knowing) with the body’s ability to heal itself through compassionate self-support.

Who needs spiritual development?

  • Anyone who wants to understand the depth of his/her inner nature
  • Anyone who wants to understand his/her mystical experiences
  • All who wants spiritual growth
  • Anyone who wants to use his/her full potential in life
  • All those who want to enrich their inner life
  • Anyone who wants to be emotionally free
  • All those who want to integrate their body and personality with the spiritual component of his/her being

We all go under the process of “differentiating” when we as children have to learn how to separate from our parents. The development of our ego is the basic to this process, and it is important that young person develops a “healthy ego”, which means good boundaries, solid sense of self, good self-esteem and similar.

The natural development from ego to trans-ego is a process of transcending. To transcend means to go beyond all mental activity, all thoughts, sensations, and perceptions, to experience this silent state of pure consciousness. It is consciousness in its purest, simplest state—just consciousness by itself, aware of itself and nothing else.

In the trans-ego level, we integrate pure awareness with the mind and sense of individuality, along with the capacity for responsibility. As we deepen our sense of who we really are and orient ourselves toward greater wisdom and compassion we develop skillful ability to help others.