Conny Petö Đeneš

Jyotish – Ancient Yogic Astrology

Our destiny is not determined, we are creating it over and over again

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Jyotish is the oldest system of astrology in the world. It’s derived from the Sanskrit word “jyoti” which means light. As the pure light of scientific knowledge, the word Jyotish implies studying a person’s character, health, habits, karma, spiritual and life purpose, even the future based on a reading of his or her birth chart.

The goal of Jyotish is not to predict the future, but to study the karmic conditions with which every individual is born and to light her/his life to the moksha (liberation), because our destiny is not determined, we are creating it all over again. If fate was written down, it would not make sense to know what would happen, nor would we have the free will.

Jyotish serves us as a map for:

  • Discovering and understanding our psychological profile
  • Discovering our character and inner conflicts
  • Discovering our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tendencies and potentials
  • Discovering the karma we have created in this life and the karma we carry from our past lives and discovering the ways in which it is manifested
  • Discovering our true goal of life, our dharma
  • Discovering the spiritual path best for our optimum growth and evolution
  • Discovery of compatibility between partners (love, business, friendship, etc.)
  • Discovering preventative measures or remedies that are best for our spiritual growth and evolution

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