Types of Therapies and Healing

Different methods for help and self-help

There are many techniques and methods for self-help and healing. It is always best to choose the methods and techniques that intuitively attract you, which you have previously researched and have resonated with your understanding.

The role of a therapist is to help the client better understand his situation and inner nature, discover his own personal strength and ability to handle problems and crises, awaken patterns of his behavior and thinking (beliefs, attitudes), to learn to take responsibility for his own decisions and behaviors, and so on.

Psychotherapy is a word therapy and is a kind of treatment aimed to help people who are experiencing severe life crises or bad situations, have emotional problems, many worries (existential problems, job loss, job performing problems, family and partner relationships, divorce, ). There are, then, problems of growing up, painful separation, loss, death of loved ones, traumatic experiences, inability to concentrate on learning, anxiety and fears, lack of confidence, inferiority feeling, etc. However, psychotherapy can also be used for self-development, learning new skills, vision, quality structuring of time, better organization, etc. Younger generations are more willing to work on themselves and realize the benefits of the therapy, they are seeing it as an investment into themselves. Generally, people who are informed about what psychotherapy is, are not ashamed to talk about it. All psychotherapists also have their own psychotherapists or supervisors.

In my work, I use transpersonal (psycho)therapy or transpersonal therapy for personal growth.

Sexual therapy is the treatment of sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido, unwanted sexual fetishes, sexual addiction, painful sex for women, or a lack of sexual confidence, then healing people who are recovering from sexual abuse, and problems commonly caused by stress, tiredness, and other environmental and relationship factors. Sexual therapists consult and heal with different methods those experiencing problems and help clients in overcoming them.

Healing involves the use of some of the natural, energy, and/or spiritual medicine methods with the aim of achieving psychophysical balance, the release of traumas, the return of the lost fragments of our soul, etc. by using energy, prayer, and various spiritual practices to contribute to the health. It is about techniques like Theta healing, reiki, bioenergy, reconnection, yagya, guided meditation, etc.

We can heal ourselves or with the help of healers.

Natural therapies are a form of healing and preventive medicine which uses natural non-toxic ingredients: healing herbs, minerals, essential and vegetable oils, healthy foods, and the like. Natural therapies have a holistic approach, looking at the person holistically (body, emotion, mind) and are based on the individual needs of the person.

Holistic medicine starts from the point where all aspects of a person need to be considered in the treatment, and one must observe a person as part of a whole rather than its individual parts. It works primarily on removing and finding the cause (not only symptoms) of the disease.

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