Transpersonal Counseling and Therapy

Integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person’s well-being

Transpersonal therapy describes any form of counseling or psychotherapy which places emphasis on the transpersonal, the transcendent, or spiritual aspects of the human experience. Transpersonal therapy is often viewed as a companion to other schools of psychology that include psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanistic psychology. It also includes various methods, such as art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy (or movement therapy), breathing exercises, meditation, hypnotherapy, healing, and other methods, which is why the term transpersonal therapy is used instead of psychotherapy.

The transpersonal therapist’s focus would include spiritual self-development, peak experiences, mystical experiences, systemic trance, and other metaphysical experiences of living. The ultimate goal of transpersonal psychotherapy is not merely the alleviation of suffering, but the integration of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the client’s well-being. It includes the exploration and focus of the client’s potential and the development of inner resources and creativity.

Transpersonal psychologists/psychotherapists attempt to integrate timeless wisdom with modern Western psychology and translate spiritual principles into scientifically grounded, contemporary language. Transpersonal psychology addresses the full spectrum of human psychospiritual development from our deepest wounds and needs, to the existential crisis of the human being, to the most transcendent capacities of our consciousness.

Its orientation is inclusive, valuing and integrating the following:

  • the psychological and the spiritual,
  • exceptional mental health and suffering,
  • ordinary and non-ordinary states of consciousness,
  • modern Western perspectives, Eastern perspectives, postmodern insights, worldviews of indigenous traditions, analytical intellect, direct experience, and contemplative ways of knowing (intuition).

Transpersonal Psychology enhances the study of mind-body relations, spirituality, consciousness, and human transformation. The three key areas that are considered through transpersonal psychotherapy are Combining Holistic-Natural Medicine, Transformative Psychology, and Ego-Transcended Psychology. Transpersonal psychology uses positive influences, rather than the diseased human psyche and our defenses, as a model for the realization of human potential. Saints, artists, prophets, and heroes are all revered and examined as embodying the true nature of our human psyche. This technique encourages a person to see their inner capabilities and view themselves as in the process of reaching that state that has been achieved by the models represented.

The transpersonal perspective of therapy attempts to see all symptoms as part of a larger picture of “energy moving” attempting to make a connection between who we think we are and who we really are … defined more by its orientation and scope rather than by a particular set of techniques or methods.

Integration brings together the:

  • memories contained in the DNA of the body (unconscious)
  • the effects of in-utero and early childhood experiences
  • the examination of how people process and assimilate information
  • behaviors that are the result of conscious and unconscious conditioning
  • the individual’s compulsive journey towards self-actualization or greater wholeness
  • transpersonal therapy, psychotherapy, and counseling work towards the development of a whole life-skills (integrating practices into everyday life) whereby the individual awakens from a limited personal identity to expanded universal knowledge of self.

This process combines the awakening of personal awareness and intuition (non-rational knowing) with the body’s ability to heal itself through compassionate self-support.

Who needs transpersonal therapies and counseling?

  • Anyone who wants to understand the depth of his/her inner nature
  • Anyone who wants to understand his/her mystical experiences
  • All who wants spiritual growth
  • Anyone who wants to use his/her full potential in life
  • All those who want to enrich their inner life
  • Anyone who wants to be emotionally free
  • All those who want to integrate their body and personality with the spiritual component of his/her being

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