Transpersonal Art Healing

Creative expression of one's own feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and spiritual experiences!

Transpersonal art healing is a form of psycho-emotional therapy and artistic expression that includes techniques and processes of transpersonal psychology, spirituality, dance, art, and music therapy/healing as a medium for healing and/or personal growth and development, for the purpose of getting to know and expressing of the inner being.

From ancient times the creative term has been used for healing and spiritual experiences as it contributes to healing and mental well-being.
Art is the creative expression of one’s own feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and spiritual experiences from head and heart to “paper” or body movement. It is a process of discovering one’s soul through artistic expression. Art transcends logic, delves into unconscious processes, unites every part of what makes a person alive.

Art is an intuitive creation that transcends space and time; an adventurous journey and a search through the space of uncertainty to one’s self-realization, which is the culmination of a creative act. Dreaming, fantasizing, and imagination are powerful forces that give wings to our souls!

  • Workshops for painting mandalas, their shadows, souls, etc. with pastel, wooden, water, acrylic paints for the purpose of healing and expressing your spiritual path.
  • Therapeutic art dance workshops for women of all ages.
  • Sound bath workshops.

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