Thumper Massage

Thumper massagers are Canadian devices which act on muscles with deep vertical vibration

Thumper® Massager sends energy perpendicular into the tissue, penetrates through all fascial layers relieving muscular tension and fatigue.

Anatomically designed massage spheres require no additional attachments. One device for the entire treatment of all muscle groups.

It can be done before and after Atlas therapy.

The Maxi Pro was originally designed for Chiropractors to use on patients for soft tissue work and to warm up muscles prior to adjustment. Today it is often used by physiotherapists, massage therapists, and athletic trainers for the treatment of large muscle groups. It is truly a professional modality, so it is not recommended for home use or self-use.

Its 8 massage spheres cover a large massage area, ideal for large muscle groups. A full-body massage takes only 5-8 minutes.

Speed adjustment from 18 to 35 pulses per second and depth of massage adjustment on the pressure knob allows for full customization for all treatment conditions. Maxi Pro is designed to direct 95% of its energy into the patient’s muscles. Thumper® works through clothing, providing flexibility for use in all clinical and professional environments.

The effects of Thumper Vibro-massage are:

  • Deep relaxation of the muscles
  • Improves circulation and lymph drainage
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Helps at muscle atrophy due to motion
  • Helps with cellulite
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Stretches the connective tissue
  • Improves flow in energy channels
  • Reduces pain

Thumper massage is provided free of charge with Atlas Therapy.

Afterward, the price is €20 for 15-20 minutes.

You can see more about Thumper devices here:  www.thumpermassager.com

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