Theta Healing

Theta Healing works instantly to transform negative thought patterns or beliefs on all levels and in the DNA

Theta healing™ is a form of energy healing, which uses theta brainwaves (frequencies of 4 to 7 hertz). These waves create a deeply relaxed state in which we can operate below the level of the conscious mind. About theta brainwaves, we can speak as a subconscious because they rule part of our mind located between conscious and unconscious. They contain our memories and feelings and rule our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

The subconscious is what lies between our conscious mind and the unconscious. We can compare our conscious mind with a computer processor. He is the decision-maker in our everyday life. A subconscious mind is like a hard drive on a computer. All of our memories, habits, beliefs, experiences, and perceptions we have about ourselves are stored in it. When our processor wants to do a particular task, but can’t because it faces obstacles when it does not find the right program on your hard drive.

Our conscious mind can have one belief, while our subconscious may have something completely different. Eg. we can be consciously convinced that we are worthy of love and deserve it while at the same time, deep in the subconscious, we can have the belief that we are not worthy of love and do not deserve it (which often happens if we were not loved as children); as a result, we will experience that we constantly attract people who do not like or love us.

Theta technique can be understood as changing programs and stored data from our subconscious.

What we want for our conscious mind and what we want to have a subconscious mind are often two quite different things. We knowingly want to be successful, healthy, happy, but our subconscious says something completely different. Our subconscious often goes against our conscious beliefs. Through Theta healing we can find where our blockages are in the subconscious and we can change them and create the life we ​​want to live because our thoughts create our reality.

Theta Healing is a powerful technique that combines science and spirituality to identify and instantly transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs, and trauma in the unconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is much larger than our conscious and he attracts things in our lives, according to what he holds within himself. Through the healing method, these experiences can be changed.

Theta Healing works instantly to transform negative thought patterns or beliefs on all levels and in the DNA, empowering you to re-create your life exactly as you choose.

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