Clients and Coworkers

Because I am always curious and seek perfection in my work, I seek perfection when it comes to health. If that could be said for the Atlas Therapy method, it seems like a perfect thing to me. I have had problems with the cervical vertebra and I see incredibly fast positive results and I hope that now my spine will work better as well as the cervical vertebra. I have a great ability to rotate from right to left; for the coach it is very important that my head can rotate faster, that is why I support this method and I would recommend it to anyone, whoever has problems. For your health, you need to invest in yourself.


Lino Cervar (61 years old),

Long-time coach of the Croatian handball team

Umag, Croatia 2011.


Conny Peto Đeneš… already when I hear that name I feel better, my whole being regenerates. I have known Conny for over 10 years since I had serious health problems. As through Western medicine I was unable to satisfactorily eliminate the problems, I turned to Conny. With a lot of dedication, empathy, gentle and warm approach, she explained to me the deep cause and background of my problems.

Conny is an amazing woman – a professional and very special person. I am deeply impressed with the wealth of knowledge, depth and personal way of applying knowledge from various fields of alternative medicine and healing.

I heard long ago that someone with love in their heart can help and heal people, and if there is no love then a person needs to be professional, but Conny is gifted with both qualities. She truly has a love and deep respect for every living being – his life path and his choices without prejudice.

Through years of working with Conny, I have become convinced of her expertise, dedication, deep commitment, and skillful way of communication, and that is why I am able to live my potential and capabilities, accept myself fully and be gentle with myself.

Thank you my dear Conny, I am deeply grateful that our paths have met.


Manda Pripunic, MD (36 years old)

Rijeka, Croatia 30th August 2019.



One of the favorite sentences I read was: “Coincidence is the signature of God when He wants to remain anonymous.”

It was such a “coincidence” that I came across Conny about 5-6 years ago. If I had to describe her with just one sentence, that sentence would be: “If there were more people like Conny in the world, the world would be a much nicer place.” As a joke, I often call her: “Walking Valium”, because each time I talk to her, I feel calmer and more satisfied. Most importantly … more peaceful, which is exactly what we all strive for as human beings.

Talking to her is never the same. The reason is that she knows and feels exactly what you need before you do it yourself.

The world we live in today has become very complex. Sometimes the speed and chaos in which we find ourselves are simply consumed, and we realize that we have lost our way. Suddenly you feel you need a compass to continue on your journey in the right direction. That compass for me was Conny.

Her empathy, selflessness, tenderness, understanding, and patience, combined with her vast knowledge of human nature and her experience of working with people, will leave you completely enthralled.

I learned a lot from her. She is one of those people, with whom you learn something new every time. This is especially interesting when you learn something about yourself that you either didn’t even know or you hid it deep in your subconscious. Anyway, with her … it’s getting easier and more interesting.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need the advice of a professional, experienced, spiritual and gentle person … feel free to contact her.

Believe me, you will discover a great deal about yourself and about life. The nicer things, but also the less-nicer things. But with her guidance, you will embrace them and find that long-sought peace within you.

Thank you Conny for everything.


Tajana Kaurloto, MS in Economics (44 years old)

Porec, Croatia 6th September 2019.




I am so grateful to be able to write something about Conny as just a small part of what she did for me.

First of all, I thank her for all the advice, all the messages, all the lessons, and the time she has set aside for me.

Conny is one gentle person who is full of understanding and simple.

I consider her an indispensable part of my life, whether we cooperate or not.

I first met her in Poreč a few years ago, briefly. In the meantime, my dad died, which was very shocking and difficult for me, so of course, I came to her again.

We worked.

Most important, in all this, is her listening, her understanding, and her comfort.

She has taught me to accept my dad’s death, she has taught me to meditate, to reduce fears and panic, and we are also working on learning how to take care of myself. Briefly, she taught me how to cope with life.

Thank you Conny

K.D. (36 years old)

Porec, Croatia 29th August 2019.



Unfortunately, in the environment in which I live, it is somehow taboo to seek professional help, because why would anyone need it? But who really doesn’t?

My encounter and experience with Conny begin at the most difficult time of my life, a period that completely changed me and my life. I can freely say if it wasn’t for Conny I certainly wouldn’t be such a happy, calm, and fulfilled person today. I started very skeptical and mostly because I didn’t see another way out, but I was aware that I need help. Skepticism was soon replaced by great confidence and faith because I saw how much better I felt over time. It’s hard for me to describe all the transformation I experienced, Conny did a miracle. I started to love life, to love myself. Not only me but all the people around me have seen the change in me, that I radiate positivity, that I change myself. I cannot say that the path was easy, neither short nor that it’s complete, but created desire and persistence are much stronger.

I can only say words of praise for Conny; always very professional, unobtrusive yet full of understanding, warmth, and love. No matter my actions or words, I never in any way felt from her side a condemnation, a rude word, or even a glance, but quite the opposite.

What really meant a lot to me was the constant feeling that Conny was dedicated to me, my progress, my path, that she wanted me well. She was prepared for every session, she knew exactly what and at which point to say because she knew and understood how I was thinking and how she could reach me with a little word. And most importantly, she taught me that everything I need is right inside. I will be forever grateful to have met such a wonderful person because there are no words I can describe Conny, you need to experience her.

Conny, thank you. <3


Katarina Devcic Kitrica, MS in economics (32 years old)

Porec, Croatia 30th August 2019.



What a joy to partner up with Conny!

She is professional, kind, and committed to your progress and your success.

As an International Love Expert, I have had a chance to work with world-class colleagues from different industries… and I must tell you, Conny tops it.

I would always highly recommend her and I believe that the world is becoming more charming, more grounded, kinder, and healthier because of her deep dedication to your inner power. She knows you got it!

Helena Summer (45 years old)

International Speaker and Love Expert


Austin, Texas, USA 3rd September 2019.


I loved the sessions with Conny! Her soft voice, the dedication she put into each session showed that she really care about me and my well-being. The guided meditation was soothing and relaxing too! If you’re in her area I highly recommend give it a try and meet her in person!

Tong Holzinger (40 years old)

Hair & Beauty Artist, and founder of Tony Brides



Los Angeles, USA 7th September 2019.



Conny has greatly helped me find a new mindset and break the deep-rooted self-destructive habits. What is special about Conny, her approach is different, very warm, and full of understanding.


Mirna Markovic (22 years old)

Student of opera singing and performing arts

Vienna, Austria 2nd September 2019.



In a life situation where I needed a therapist and a trusted person, Conny Peto Djenes was the right person at the right place at the right time. She is committed to working, professional, experienced, versatile, calm, open, patient, kind, always willing to help, Conny gave me support without which it would be much harder to face and overcome some of life’s challenges. I see every conversation with Conny as useful and interesting, and from time to time as a source of hope, an experience that changes perspective and encourages me to face life’s difficulties.


F.V. (40 years old)

Berlin, Germany 3rd September 2019.



My experience with my angel Conny Peto Denes marked my life, personal, and business growth as a human being and soul.

I have been visiting Conny regularly for the last 5 years, for every kind of challenge that life brings me. Her warmth, empathy, and expertise are the hallmarks of any communication. Conny helped me a lot to deal with personal limitations with the help of Theta Healing, we worked in areas of low self-esteem, coercive and negative thoughts, together we dealt with traumatic experiences from all periods of my life, and she helped me find the answers to the issues that bothered me. What is special about her is that she does not heal, she initiates the mechanisms of self-healing in a person, encourages a person to help themselves, empowers themselves, and gains competencies to solve the current problem – but these same competencies can be used further through life, so empowered and courageously easier we face daily challenges.

With more severe problems, Conny helped me with hypnotherapy; the experience was very enjoyable and liberating for me. Every moment of therapy was enjoyable, and Conny respected my personality and my boundaries completely. I feel recognized, acknowledged, and respected by her. She transmits these feelings to my relationship with myself, and thoroughly empowers me and helps me build a positive self-image, my own abilities, and helps develop tolerance and acceptance towards my weaknesses. With Conny I learned to value myself through my own criteria, I abandoned the need to build my value through someone else’s opinions, actions, and words – which is very liberating!

Conny helped me deal with important issues in the family, partnership, and emotional relationships through “cutting the ties” therapy. After these therapies, I am free to love myself and the people around me in a purer and higher quality way, to distinguish myself from others, forgive what needs to be forgiven, determine the boundaries of relationships, and be free from imposed ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.

Through her hard work, love, and understanding, Conny has helped me become a better person, independent and happy, tailoring my life to the best of my ability, respecting myself and the people around me. I will always be grateful to her for sharing her knowledge, helping me, and always being with me.


Ingrid S. (37 years old)

Porec, Croatia 4th September 2019.


Conny Peto Denes is a very dear friend I met 5 years ago.

I am very happy she is a part of my life because she is an extremely wonderful person.

She is a dear person with a lot of knowledge, and approachable person full of tenderness and patience, committed to everything she does. It’s reliable, hardworking, and full of positive vibes. She has a relaxing and calming effect on me.

She helped Lana, my daughter, and me a lot.

She is always there and helps us whenever needed.

Conny, thank you from the heart for everything.

I love you so much.

Larisa Ratkovic, MS in Economics (33 years old)

Zagreb, Croatia 5th September 2019.



I have never met Conny in person, but from the beginning, it feels like I have.

Each of our conversations had a note of openness and warmth, which is most important when you come to someone for advice. In my case, in particular, it was a natal chart – a Jyotish analysis, the details and clarity of which I am very pleased with. I recommended her to friends as well.

Slobodan P. (32 years old)

Vukovar, Croatia 28th August 2019.


I had some problems which I realized with my own will and with Conny’s advice and therapies (theta healing, homeopathy, Ayurveda, and Jyotish), and I gradually solved these problems with her support and help … because of that I can now easier deal with things by which I was burdened in my past everyday life … Whenever I need advice or someone to listen to me with love and without prejudice, first Conny comes to mind.

Conny, thank You very much for that, and I strongly recommend You to everyone!


Ornela Kovac (45 years old)

Porec, Croatia 28th August 2019.


Conny has the ability to endure hard work, patience, perseverance to complete a project, modesty, respect for people, and a special sense for helping the elderly. How could she do all that if she wouldn’t have adequately located Saturn in her natal chart? Everything has to be earned, right?

Thank you Conny.

Zeljko Vuckovic  (57 years old)

Jyotishi and TM (Transcendental Meditation) teacher

Novi Sad, Serbia 27th August 2019.


I met Conny by chance, coming to her place where she cordially hosted her work colleagues, whom I came to for Ayurvedic and spinal checkups (Atlas Therapy). At the time, I had no idea what Conny is doing, but I remember my first impression was “what a lovely person, gentle.” My impression is rarely deceiving me, and it turns out I was right, because I soon found myself at Conny’s on Theta Healing and Bioresonance, and Conny made me Bach-flower drops after a wonderfully pleasant conversation. Of course, talking to her also requires some kind of courage, because you have to admit your mistakes, but somehow Conny manages to get it all out of you in a wonderful, natural, non-attacking way. I know I told a friend “Doesn’t Conny look like an angel?” and my friend, who was just waiting for me as moral support, agreed to it after spending some time with her. Talking to Conny is so comfortable, she is willing to listen to my jokes, sometimes my diversion from the subject, she understands everything; and after returning home from her you feel like you have left behind your sister, mother, protector in any way. As a person who misses family closeness, I have accepted Conny as if I had known her for a hundred years and as if I don’t have to explain much, she understands me. Conny is a hardworking, attentive, helpful, witty, intelligent, talented, well-read young woman and highly skilled in her job but with that dose of friendly tone so you don’t feel like you’re in front of someone where you have to be ashamed. Conny has definitely changed my life and ever since I know her I know there are definitely angels walking the Earth. I would recommend anyone to come to Conny’s and let Conny cuddle your soul because we all know how much we need it today.

Petra Boric (28 years old)

Pula, Croatia 28th August 2019.


I came to the information that Conny has various workshops in Porec – BY CHANCE – at the moment we were supposed to meet!

A warm and cheerful voice and easy communication “won me over first”! Jyotish “opened my eyes” and helped me to get to know something about myself that I was not aware of and gave me direction further. BACH FLOWER’s therapy has helped me to “break out” of emotional blockages. And Ayurvedic counseling helped me to realize what to change in my diet!

Conny is versatile in knowledge and techniques as well as AWARE that helping others she lives her life MISSION! She is selfless, warm, smiling – the “magnet of my soul”!


Jasna Kulisic (55 years old)

Healer and masseur

Funtana, Croatia 27th August 2019.



I write this because I read reviews of people to whom I would like to go – homeopaths, psychologists… At Conny I liked first, the desire to help you with all her resources, and after I was delighted with her inexhaustible knowledge and comprehensiveness to answer my questions, as well as her hand and tips that guide you on how much you need to take control of your life, illness, etc.

I would recommend Conny to anyone who faces a variety of life challenges, she will guide you with her angelic voice, the care, and humanity that only beings like her know…

Conny, I wish you every success and all the best and thank you…

Sandra S. (40 years old)

Stuttgart, Germany 26th August 2019.



I know Conny Peto Denes for 15 years. She is a friend, a trusted person. Conny is an incredibly intelligent and excellent therapist. I met her when she was the head of therapeutic belly dancing, at dance workshops. She has made a tremendous contribution to our town of Vukovar, many girls, women, grandmothers have attended the course and demonstrated health progress.

She quit her job as a dance therapist to focus more on her healing work with other therapies such as hypnosis, theta healing, meditation, atlas therapy, and writing books about the same.

Personally, I felt sad that she left Vukovar, but as the two of us have continued to cooperate, I moved to Istria myself, and when she started the Harmony Health Center in Porec, I saw how much more she has progressed and contributed to the new environment with her Alternative Medicine therapies. On one occasion, I told her, “Instead of asking Google, I ask Conny.” For any health issue, I would complain about, she would find a solution very quickly and the cure would be with lasting results. Also, for the first time, I saw the technology and the equipment that she uses in Harmony in her nicely arranged office from which I think there is no person who has not left relaxed and stress-free. She deals with so many different therapies that I don’t know how to list them all, but I can certainly say the ones I used helped me very quickly and my “problem” was solved in the long run.

Ivana Isabella Grdic, BA in Tourism (27years old)

Wellness manager, singer, and dance artist


Rovinj, Croatia 4th September 2019.



I would recommend the Health Center Harmony to anyone who has problems with stress, bad habits, and health issues. Conny helps with her treatments, experience, and knowledge very quickly and efficiently, so I recommend that you go to the Harmony Center to solve your problems, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Silvreta Belicka (58 years old)

Dental technician

Nova Vas, Croatia 4th September 2019.



We have been working for a year. My life has changed in all fields. From money, my emotional state to my job, my health. My child’s health. Your treatments are so magical. The finances, the blockade of bank accounts, not any money in the wallet, within three months everything came to an end. My emotional and mental state has improved, especially fears, negative emotions, not loving myself, low self-esteem…. today I’m full of positive energy, faith in myself, high self-esteem… my child is without pain, happy and cheerful…

Thank you, thank you for your endless love, thank you for all you have done for us, thank you for being there, thanks for being my friend, thank you for your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ana Kadum (36 years old)

Kadumi, Croatia 26th August 2019.




After 36 years of working as a doctor, 27 years in the Emergency Ambulance Department, I have witnessed numerous injuries and I know the consequences of them, especially for the spine, that is why I recommend an Atlas Therapy correction method that will greatly alleviate these consequences. From my personal experience, after seven serious car crashes at the Emergency Department, I had severe spinal and pelvic injuries, and have suffered from back pain for years, especially neck pain and dizziness, and severe migraines. After Atlas correction, I felt a great improvement. In the last 8 years, I have never had a headache again, my back pain has decreased and my dizziness has thinned.


Monitoring the progress of acquaintances and friends who also had similar problems, after Atlas Therapy, I saw that these individuals also had a noticeable improvement. For these reasons, I recommend the Atlas Therapy method to anyone who has spinal, neck, or head pain.


For the whole my carrier and working life, I have been one of those medical doctors who has to considered alternative medicine as charlatanism. In my work practice, I saw all sorts of things where people endangered their health and life through various so-called Alternative medicine. For this reason, when my daughter Conny told me that she wants to educate herself in the field of alternative medicine and that it is her life mission, I was very disapproval. However, as Conny started to educate herself and when I saw how much knowledge and science was behind some of the methods like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine, I changed my mind. I was very skeptical of Homeopathy, but when I allowed Conny to do me therapies, give me remedies for conditions like nausea, diarrhea, fever, headaches, etc., and when I felt their positive effects, the skepticism subsided. At first, I thought maybe it was a placebo effect, but when I saw how these remedies affect babies and animals, I dare say even plants, I realized it was far from a placebo. I am grateful to my daughter for helping me change my perspective and some of my long-standing habits, at least in my “old age”.


Cila Kiralj, MD, (63 years old) specialist of Urgent Medicine, former head of Emergency Ambulances in Medical Health Department in towns of Valpovo and Vukovar, founder and a volunteer of the first medical services in Osijek, Croatia during the war, military doctor – a member of the 106th Osijek’s Brigade.


Osijek, Croatia 13th May 2011.



We are a Dutch-based nongovernmental non-profit organization that has been in eastern Croatia since 1995. I have been president for that entire period.

Ms. Denes has participated successfully in several of our programs, notably the so-called ‘’Core’’ course for workers in non-governmental organizations, which includes 120 hours of basic communications, basic psychology, the latter particularly relating to psychological trauma, civil society, non-violent conflict transformation, and human rights. In addition to the Core program, she participated in a 30 hours program of Neurolinguistic Programming and a 24 hours program of the Alternatives to Violence, a well-known program given by Quakers.

Furthermore, for a number of years, Ms. Denes was the head of BOSINO, a program working with older people. In this regard, I wish to note that programs involving social welfare have large amounts of difficulty operating in this region, as there is little funding available and little assistance and support, including moral support, from the government or, for that matter, anyone else. That Ms. Denes was able and willing to continue to run such a program under such circumstances speaks highly for her.

Ms. Denes also has been involved in other methods of therapy, notably dance and art.

Charles David Tauber, MD
Head of Mission
Coalition for Work With Psychotrauma and Peace


Vukovar, Croatia 1st June 2009.


In the period from 1st August 2006. till 30th April 2009. the European House of Vukovar has intensively cooperated with the Prakriti Association and its President, Conny Denes. Collaboration with Connie Denes on projects: Healthy and Happy Woman, Dance Therapy for Women, Ecosana, and Dance for Children, was a great pleasure for the European House.

Conny Denes has extensive and thorough knowledge in various fields of Alternative Medicine. She selflessly shared this knowledge with all her team members.

Thanks to her incredible communication skills, and her great empathy, members of her team, employees of the European House, and her clients and members of the Prakriti Association, consider Connie a good, dear, and special person. She is very attentive and gentle, but also very capable and skilled in realizing her ideas.

In teamwork, while solving coordination problems, she showed a high degree of creativity, initiative, patience, and tact.

In parallel to this work, Conny was also the President and Head of the BOSINO Association (Care for the Elderly and Disabled). She did it voluntarily, with a lot of love, empathy, dedication, and humanity.

Conny’s departure from Vukovar is a huge loss for our city.

We all love Conny a lot and we miss her dearly. She is a very valuable member of our society, who always finds many creative ways to help people.

Ljiljana Gehrecke, PhD, professor of economy
President of European House of Vukovar

Vukovar, Croatia 3rd June 2009.



Ms. Conny Denes was employed in “Good Fairy” firm as a universal animator (child animation, dance art, aromatherapist/psychotherapist – leader of anti-stress relaxation workshops,…) based on her past experience and proven abilities during the selection for the animation team, and is one of the prominent animators of The Good Fairy.

Thanks to her knowledge, agility and broad interests, and experience, she greatly facilitated the work of the animation team, that is, the work on the international level of entertainment and relaxation for the complex of the Hotel Resort SOLARIS in Sibenik, Croatia which accommodates over 5000 people.

In addition to organizational and artistic skills, she creates and realizes a good communication strategy – many contacts with people, especially in the international environment, both within the team and among all employees, and of course the guests of the hotel. In performing these tasks she has shown numerous abilities in dealing with people in Croatian, English, and German languages.

She presents her ideas and plans well, using various modern solutions in the field of alternative medicine, psychology, and her rich imagination.

In the end, I can say that I am more than satisfied with the work and moral qualities of Miss Denes, who, while working at Good Fairy, has proved to be a very pleasant and reliable associate always motivated to work and help others. In dealing with new challenges, she is creative, resourceful, and flexible. I also consider her a worthy, responsible, and capable therapist who will surely achieve her professional aspirations.

Natasa DiVila
Head and manager of the animation firm “Good Fairy”

Sibenik, Croatia 10th June 2009.


I met Conny at a time when I broke my arm and went through a difficult period. Despite the great difference in age (as much as 48 years of difference), we became friends very quickly and even became roommates at one point in our lives.

Conny is the granddaughter I never had. With her cheerfulness, optimism, and joy, she always makes my mood better and helps me forget about my age. I even started dancing with her, which I did before in my life.

I spent my entire life working as a molecular biologist at Institute Rudjer Boskovic (Croatian scientific research center), and have spent many years in Canada doing various research.


Besides my scientific job, I worked as a TM teacher and yoga practitioner. I started to study Jyotish and Ayurveda as a hobby since I retired.


While socializing with Conny, I became impressed with her knowledge, especially about Jyotish and her state of mind, and the tremendous empathy she possesses for all living beings. Although very young, she possesses the wisdom of an old soul and has a great life experience. I am happy that she has become a part of my life and that I can talk to her about topics that I find endlessly interesting and cheerful.


If you get stuck somewhere on your life path, in your spiritual growth, contact Conny, she will help you find your own answers.


Elena Marčenko, PhD in biology (79 years old)

Biology scientist

Vukovar, Croatia 15th September 2009.



My name is Sandra Horvatovic and in this way, I would like to say a few words about my opinion on THETA healing. Honestly, until 3 months ago, I had never heard or known of such a method. By chance, I learned about this method and my dear Conny. I was “surfing” the internet and searching for information before contacting Conny, but I didn’t understand much. I asked myself all kinds of questions: “How is that possible?” “How does that work?” Etc….

At first, I was skeptical, and I didn’t know what to expect, but in search of a better and more beautiful future, I decided to try everything and believe. Of course, I booked my first appointment with Conny. My first impression was only about Conny, her gentle approach, full of understanding, hope, warmth, and more that I cannot even describe in words. I think she is exactly the kind of person I needed in my life. I still didn’t know what to think about Theta healing, but after a few treatments, I felt a shift in my life. It is small for now, but it still happened. Now I definitely believe in this method, but I also think that the person who is doing the treatment is of great importance, and for me, it is Conny, who I have felt that I have known all my life, and not for a few months. I believe that with my hard work and with her great help, I will find a way to make my life better and better and to become as I truly am, both for my family and for myself of course!


Sandra Horvatovic (34 years old)

Vukovar, Croatia 16th March 2011.


I am 39 years old and I met Miss Conny in the pursuit of knowing myself and resolving my inner conflicts and fears. Already at the first appointment with her, only partially presenting her current condition, she diagnosed my problem at its core. So, I immediately gained confidence through her expertise, and especially through her support and understanding of my situation.

This approach has resulted in my understanding of a problem that has plagued me for years, reflected in my rejection of myself, numerous emotional traumas, hurting myself and others, poor relationships, loss of confidence, and distrust in the future and life.

Through my first appointment with her, I removed the enormous burden that has pressured me for years and became a calmer and happier person at the moment; after that, we continued to explore other conflicts and fears with their causes.

With each conversation with her, I become calmer, happier, and more confident.

My faith in life is getting stronger and stronger.

I am grateful from my heart for the kind and effective healing, and the expert conversations that help me understand everything in a way that is acceptable to me.


Damir Barusic (39 years old)


Zagreb, Croatia – 5th March 2011



It is a great joy, and so fulfilling to write a few words of recommendation for Miss Conny Peto Denes. I have known her personally for many years, and am impressed with her intelligence, dedication, and sensitive approach to her alternative lifestyle and work, as well as her personality.

The versatility, comprehensiveness, and depth of her vision for the right way of living, in harmony with nature, are enthusiastic and inspiring.

What I write is not only my personal opinion but also the opinion of all the people I have met who came into contact with Conny for her help.

I am impressed, like many others, with the variety of topics and areas related to spirituality that she has knowledge of and teaches about it, and all that can be seen in her daily life and lifestyle.


Ljubomir Tomljenovic (65 years old)

Professor of physical education and rehabilitation, Yoga and TM teacher, AtlasProfi

Porec, Croatia 10th July 2011.



I had the honor of meeting Conny a few years ago as a dancer and artistic director of a women’s dance group. We had some creative performances together while I would follow her dance on guitar. I had no idea that he was working with transpersonal psychology and therapies and selflessly helping people who have a wide variety of emotional, mental, and physical issues. In the last few months, I had many psychophysical problems that, reflecting on the practical level of my life, were fiercely advanced. For many years, consecutively intoxicated with alcohol, I became more and more depressed. I was thinking that drinking I’ll get rid of depression, but in fact, I was just running away from the real problems and amplifying them. I was on the edge of a chasm.

I was a truly dissatisfied and unhappy person before I met my therapist. On one rehearsing on the eve of the joint performance, Conny asked if she could help me. I must mention that we knew each other very superficially and that I never mentioned to her any problems I had. I asked her how she could help me. She explained to me what she is her real job, what transpersonal psychology is, and the methods she uses to heal people. She appeared like an angel, reached out to me, and helped me get out, in just a few months. Right at the beginning of healing, I got rid of alcohol addiction, believe it or not – that’s right. With her guidance, I began to see myself the right way. I became progressively happier and more satisfied. Relationships in the family and at work were also getting better and more aligned. I decided on this path of precious healing, not to give up on myself and the truth. In the process of spiritual healing, I know that I will no longer go headless because my therapist takes care of me, mentally and practically. Now all I have to do is write to her regularly about the conditions I am in, and I have to deal with the tasks that she gives me.

I am forever grateful to her…

Conny Peto-Denes is like a guardian angel or a mother… If you are lucky to become her client – she will not leave you until she and you together have solved the biggest problems that are “pressing” you in life. Uncertainty and fears with her human and professional help effectively disappear. Over time, depending on how disciplined and “obedient” you are, you will be able to change yourself and restore your inner integrity, you will feel increasing freedom in your actions and true peace of mind. You will begin to appreciate yourself far more than ever before, which will change the relationship between the immediate and wider environment towards you.

Ivica Belamaric (50 years old)

Art historian and musician

Vinkovci, Croatia 11th July 2011.



After treating my two diagnoses of Lymphoma Non-Hodgin and Chronica Hepatitis C in Germany, I was instructed to continue the treatment via bioresonance. In the organization of “Harmony Center” in Osijek, I found the possibility of continuing therapy with Conny Peto Denes. With her IMEDIS BRT wave-based device for 10 days, I was treated twice a day. I can say that the treatments have helped me a lot in restoring my physical strength and in eliminating fatigue and exhaustion. For me, this type of therapy was a very powerful and gentle type of therapy through vibrations of frequencies acting at the cellular level. After the treatments, my medical results were much better. Conny was also pleased with the end of the treatment. At the end of therapy, she gave me homeopathic remedies to continue the therapy.

At the same time, I accepted that she heals me with Theta Healing therapy. I first encountered this type of therapy and did not repent. I knew that working on myself is many times worthwhile. Especially since my emotional state at the time (2010) was very impaired. I surrendered myself to the knowledge of Conny Peto Denes with full confidence in her, who did the therapy with peace, compassion, and love. I realized that in this type of therapy trust and emotional opening up are very important. Over time, my attitudes about my illness changed greatly. My feelings cleared up, everything that choked me during the healing period and all the emotional blockages I had came into the balance. I felt great, I was filled with peace and tranquility. My emotional blockages are gone. I was much stronger and filled with the belief that all would be well.


Vojna Kitic (55 years old)

Tuzla, Bosnia 24th April 2011.



Dear Miss Conny

I want to thank you for all the benefits I have received through my one-year THETA healing treatment. I became a changed person, significantly calmer and balanced in every way.

It is not clear to me why people reach for pills rather than try to solve the causes of their psychological problems through THETA healing and other techniques.

Recently, I read in the newspaper that 40% of the population in the European Union suffers from depression, insomnia, anxiety, and hyperactivity and that € 380 billion is spent annually to treat these diseases.

Weirdly, we are willing to continue to spend huge amounts of money to sustain ill conditions, and we do almost nothing to create a mentally healthy society of 21st Century that has no price.

I want to thank you once again and encourage you to persevere.

Your grateful student


Miroslav Milic (62 years old)

Owner of the nursery garden Milic

Donji Miholjac, Croatia 7th September 2011.




Theta healing: it is very difficult to face yourself. In fact, we are often wrong, often convinced that we are honest with ourselves, and in fact, we are not. Namely, honesty is very questionable if we have a distorted picture of reality. We can then have good intentions for ourselves, but the consequence is not always 100-percent honest with ourselves. Very often we mystify individuals to whom we give a special place in our lives. Some really deserve it. Some just never deserve it. We are blinded by the image we would like to see, we are blinded by their false intentions, we are blinded by the systematic lies and disguises of individuals posing as benefactors, and in fact, they are far from benefactors. For me personally, theta healing has simply helped put things in place, opened my eyes, and showed a much clearer picture that I have looked at all my life and just have not seen clearly. In fact, I am quite sure that theta healing has made me aware of known experiences I was not aware of until now. I am more and more aware of many experiences, experiences from previous lives, experiences with which I have not had any contact in this life. Whether it’s theta healing or systematic work on myself it is hard to say. Theta healing certainly came to me at a time when it was necessary when the time came for “IT”.

To face the facts in a way we have not done before is a very big deal for every individual. It is much easier to swim down the river all of your life than swim upstream. Is it? The sooner we become aware, the more we will be able to use our own potential. Of course, we don’t all have the same potential, the same opportunities. This is precisely why we differ from each other. Until we accept that fact, we will be in perpetual conflict with ourselves. We just can’t change some things. We can learn a lot from them, but not change them.

And again, we come back to the question – of how I experienced theta healing. I think it should have happened. I’m sure I started communicating with Conny at just the right time when things were ripe for me. I profited. Conny helped me to look at things/facts with a much clearer view. I realized that life is one big school where we have to constantly acquire new knowledge and experiences. If we are positive, we value a little more every day. Also, I realized that I didn’t want to spend time with people who didn’t deserve it. I realized that I didn’t want to be around “bad people”, people who didn’t have good intentions. I am terribly aware of their intention, especially if it is not good. Without unnecessary explanations, it is no longer stupid for me, it is not a sin to step out of sight of the people in whose company I do not feel most comfortable. I consider it a wise decision. Until yesterday, I considered it a cowardly act.


Edi Slanovic (41 years old), medical technician

Head of the Slanovic Institution for home care and physical therapy


Osijek, Croatia 13th February 2012



Walking around in Vukovar in 2006. I came across a poster of a therapeutic belly dance, which immediately attracted me. I’ve always dreamed of dancing.

In the first workshop, I was simply enthralled with Conny and her dance – she danced like a fairy floating in the air. Tears came to my eyes. I remember the words of a five-year-old girl who came to the dance with her mom: – “Mom she’s a real fairy.” And I can rightly say that she really is. Such a gentle and sensitive creature, and extremely thoughtful, I had yet to meet. She always knew how everyone felt and made sure we were all comfortable.

Through dancing therapies with her, I saw the blockages that I had never thought of before. After a while, my body became more elastic and my periods became much better.

After a few months of dancing, I went to aroma massage at Connie’s, and then to my horror, I began to slowly discover the nightmare I had been running away from – my childhood abuse. The memories of that caused me to despair, the shame of disgust.

Now after two years of homeopathic therapy with Conny, I can say that the hardest part is behind me and that I am immensely grateful to have met Conny. Without her, I don’t know how I would overcome the biggest crisis of my life.


Jovanka Z. (28 years old)

Ilok, Croatia 31st March 2009.


At Conny’s, I first came to dance out of curiosity. In the first class, I gained confidence, she is such a sweet personality. I was ashamed to tell her why I came, but I quickly realized that she has no prejudices and I never regretted opening up to her. It’s so easy to talk to Conny, she’s full of sensitivity. I couldn’t believe how easily I opened my heart, I told her things about myself that I never did to anyone. I cannot describe in words how much she helped me to repair the image I had of myself and to deal with the humiliation of myself in relationships with men.

I’m a stripper and a mom of a 3 years old girl. At my job, I experienced rape and became pregnant, after that everything went downhill. I wanted to die. For months, the whole city has been chattering about Conny and her dance therapies at the European House. One Monday in Konzum-shop, I heard two women talking about Conny who was in therapy – so I decided to go, too, so I enrolled in a dance and never regretted it. She helped me regain my old self in a gentle way. Conny is the gentlest person who exists. And my little girl immediately fell in love with her. It’s amazing what an impact she has on children. And on all of us. Already her presence is healing.


A.Z. (23 years old)

Vukovar, Croatia 31st January 2008.



I found Conny over the net. I surfed in search of help with panic attacks and came across her blog. I never considered myself a fearful person, I worked for years as a professional soldier and learned how to deal with fear. 3 years ago “out of the blue”, as I waited at the checkout counter at the store, cold sweat poured in, something worked in my stomach, the tingling went through my body, and I felt something strange in my head, I simply had to escape from the store. I felt weak and as if I would faint. I went to the emergency room, but otherwise, I almost never go to the doctors, and there they told me everything was fine with me, but  I still felt sick. After a few weeks, this happened to me again only at the gas station. I was very scared for the first time in my life. After that, it started happening more and more often to me. Each onset of fear is accompanied by dull chest pain and arrhythmia of the heart. I thought I’d get a heart attack, that I have a sick heart.

I went to a military hospital and they told me that I was healthy, that everything was fine, that I was experiencing panic attacks. That was very humiliating for a soldier. More and more I kept closing myself, less and less going out and started avoiding all the situations and places where I experienced attacks. Eventually, my fear grew so much that I started to have a fear of fear and had to stop working. That killed me. I began to hate myself. I looked for the rescue first in the bottle. I had been drinking for months. I lost my job. Then anger began to grow in me, alternating with despair. I started correspondence with Conny, and that’s when my hope awakened. It opened new horizons for me and I began to see my problem differently. Being a native of Zagreb living in Belgium was unable to reach her alive, so she suggested that she’ll do theta healing from a distance. I was skeptical, but I agreed. It all seemed like science fiction to me, but I thought I had nothing to lose. While she was doing my treatment, I felt incredibly comfortable and at peace. After 3 treatments I felt purified and cheerful. The panic attacks didn’t stop immediately, but I felt great. We have been in correspondence for months and as I followed her instructions my life was changed. The attacks thinned out and eventually disappeared. I got a job as a security guard. I feel like a completely new person.


V.S. (26 years old)

Brussels, Belgium 30th December 2010.


Before I reached Conny, I had major health problems caused by the stress of losing my 15-year-old son. I had arrhythmias of the heart, a major decline in immunity, seizures, suffocation, severe menstrual bleeding, emotional imbalance, anxiety attacks, etc.

Thanks to Conny and her therapies: BIOREZONANCE, THETA HEALING therapies, with her great knowledge of JYOTISH, she helped me to accept my past, face my present problems, and to have a completely different view of the future.

After her therapies, my health is very good, because I have learned how to accept the most terrible loss that can happen to a human being – the loss of a child.

I am immensely grateful to Conny for all she has done for me.


Željka Novosel (41 years old)

Osijek 18th March 2011.



My experience of Conny: a gentle personality but also has a passion for life and love, radiates a calmness that makes her presence somewhat therapeutic for all the people around her.

Dance workshops (which I miss terribly) encourage all levels of being. At the physical level, stretching, release of physical tension.

Through dancing, some emotions that have been suppressed and forgotten come to the surface. You become aware of your inner beauty, femininity, it strengthens your confidence, helps you to love your body, awareness of your own body and its capabilities. Workshops make you happy, cheerful, stimulate creativity and socializing…


Srebrenka Kamerla (54 years old)

Vukovar, Croatia 14th July 2011.



Miss Conny!

I want to thank you for your interpretation of Jyotish and THETA HEALING therapies.

I feel changes for the better and my emotional change is visible also. I feel serene and at peace in my home since you have purified it from negative energies. Since I had therapies with you I feel a lot of improvement in a very short time. I know that, in the near future, while I follow your instructions and advice, everything will be all right again.

Thanks for the Yantras you sent me with the detailed explanation!


Ivan B. (54 years old)

Zagreb, Croatia 2nd February 2012.


About 2 months ago I was visiting relatives who recommended me to go to Miss Conny because I was an alcoholic and passionate smoker.

I have to admit that I was skeptical of everything she did to me. I’ve never heard of theta healing before.

I held on to her instructions and stopped going to cafes, at home, I was still drinking, but soon I started to feel disgusted with drinks and cigars.

Two weeks after my visit to Miss Conny, I stopped drinking. I’ve been smoking for thirty years, it’s been a month and I haven’t lit a cigar. It is a nice feeling to know that I no longer intoxicate my family and myself. I am so grateful to her that she was able to cure me of the worst two addictions.


Rade V. (46 years old)

Backa Palanka, Serbia 3rd March 2010.

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