Stress Release

PSIO glasses through light influence hormones regulation and mood improvement

It helps to release stress with the use of modern audio-medicine!

Stress, either physiological or biological, is an organism’s response to a stressor such as an environmental condition. Stress is the body’s method of reacting to a condition such as a threat, challenge, or physical and psychological barrier. Stimuli that alter an organism’s environment are responded to by multiple systems in the body. The autonomic nervous system and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis are two major systems that respond to stress.

The salivary immunoglobulin (S-IgA) is the principal class of antibodies in mucosal secretions. It provides the first line of defense against pathogens in the upper respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, and the urinary tract. The rate is a standard measure of secretory immunity. An increase in S-IgA is associated with a decreased incidence of disease and susceptibility to infections.

Similarly, NK (natural killer) cells are lymphocytes able to lyse foreign cells. Various studies showed increased NK cell activity and higher S-IgA levels even in times of stress in a population with positive emotions such as compassion and love for others.

And conversely, reduction of S-IgA levels, inhibition of NK cell activity, and a general decrease in the number of cells are correlated with negative emotions.

Negative feelings and positive feelings have a direct influence on immunity, and therefore, on our health!

A 5 minutes exposure to empathy and compassion immediately increases antibody levels in contrast to anger and frustration.

The PSiO technology with Light therapy has an influence on hormones regulation and mood improvement, and audio therapy helps to relax and release.

For that purpose few great programs have been designed:

Letting Go

This recording offers a guided relaxation session and then helps you to let go in order to benefit as much as possible from the technology used in this audio medicine. Listening to this recording first is therefore essential for people who have never experienced a state of deep relaxation. We wholeheartedly recommend it before listening to your first audio medicine.

Stress Management

After taking you on a walk through the woods, past the idyllic scenery of your holiday locations, across mountain streams glistening pure and refreshing water, two metaphoric stories will evoke a scene as you would experience in a dream. They also reach out to your intuitive intelligence, spontaneity, self-confidence, and natural stress-relieving behavior. Gradually, like a pilot in charge of your own destiny, you will be flying your own small plane through the clouds of your existence. This recording contains powerful suggestions that will dispel the concerns that have crystallized in the depths of your subconscious.

Changing Emotions: A Stress Management Program – 4 programs

Changing Emotions uses Lloyd Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP method to unlock the power of your unconscious mind – transforming and enhancing your natural ability to relax and feel comfortable in the world around you.

If your life is filled with anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, or depression, this program offers a new and exciting approach to feeling at peace with yourself and the world.

You will also find this program an important part of your peak performance library. Better control of your emotional state is a key element for success and well-being. With less stress, you will instinctively make better decisions, feel healthier, and have more confidence every day. Reduce the stress in your life, make better decisions, and feel better all day – with Changing Emotions.

Managing Stress After a Separation

Harmony is an intoxicating room that can sometimes have an uncertain outlook for some or, once reached, has only one door, the exit… It is possible that the subconscious does not allow some people to return to a place it considers to be far too dangerous. In fact, multiple doors open up in a couple’s harmony room and they often lead to unsuspected worlds that all contain wonderful treasures like sharing, joy, peacefulness, ecstasy, exchange, solidarity, and selflessness. You will learn to go beyond yourself and discover many other things that are within you and which are subtly suggested in this recording to give you confidence.

Zen Attitude

This recording is a remedy for stress. After being put in a state of physical and respiratory relaxation, pleasant voices take you to the banks of relaxation and internal tranquillity, to the good things in life! Resolutely optimistic, the themes dealt with are those of keeping a distance and letting oneself go. All this is in the framework of our individual fate and the acceptance of problems that always generate one or more solutions.

Digestion of the Traumas

Some personal events, even very ancient ones, are likely to cause some physical and psychological pains to us, and this for years on. The original event can be regarded as terrible or every day by the victim of it, but the psychological state at that very moment can have prevented the brain from «digesting» or «metabolizing» that particular trauma. Hence some disturbances and suffering can only be reduced after the mind were aided in finding back its healing capacities.

Free One’s Mind

This is a useful session for everyone… It teaches the mind how to get rid of the accurate, vague, concrete, or abstract « ruminations » that jam our thought and tire us out. This permanent state of attention is one of the problems of our civilization. It reduces our natural capacity to imagine, to dream, and to allow our mind to regulate numerous «physiological» functions. Freeing one’s mind increases the personal efficiency in everyday or extraordinary situations, and gives strength to the effect of other « audio-medications ». It teaches how to loosen the grip and how to create a vacuum before going to sleep, naturally, with no side-effects.

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