Stop Smoking

Want to quit smoking in 3 days?

Successful and fast individual method for quitting smoking – transpersonal hypnotherapy.

Quit smoking in a few steps.

What is needed?

  • Make an appointment at conny.peto.denes@gmail.com
  • Come to therapy 3 days in a row. Why? Because nicotine is detoxed from the blood and organism for 72 hours, and then the strongest abstinence crisis occurs, you’ll need support.

The first day of therapy + consultation lasts 60 minutes, the second and third day about half an hour to 45 minutes.

About the method

Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a very successful therapy that combines hypnosis, Erickson hypnotherapy, NLP, suggestions, creative visualization, progressive relaxation, and music with binaural beats (alpha, theta, and delta).

It is a pleasant and relaxing experience like daydreaming or fantasizing.

After the treatment, you feel relaxed and satisfied.

The treatment is performed by a professional and highly educated licensed transpersonal hypnotherapist with many years of experience.

The price is 130€ – total for all three days.

You can read more about hypnosis here, and about transpersonal hypnotherapy here.

Photo source: Pixabay

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