Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Affective Depression is occurring in autumn and winter dark days due to lack of sunlight

The light spectrum in PSiO glasses determines cycles of biochemical processes in the body – hormones, and neurotransmitters

Seasonal Affective Depression or SAD occurs in autumn and winter dark days. The lack of exposure to light, such as in winter, for instance, is the source of many physiological problems. In addition to a lack of vitamin D, various hormonal disorders (including the overproduction of melatonin) are at the root of why people may feel a general chronic fatigue syndrome sometimes leading to the famous «winter blues».

In addition to winter blues, people in occidental countries have shifted from outdoor life to indoor life. From the house to the car, by staying long hours at the office until night, the inhabitants of the western regions have little exposure to the spectrum of sunlight. And paradoxically, when a ray of sunshine appears many people then wear their sunglasses! “Seasonal” depression is, therefore, more likely.

However, the lack of light exposure is not the only cause of winter depression. Due to artificial lighting, natural cycles of exposure to light are displaced and to have an activity until late at night has become more frequent. We can say that the entire population suffers not only from a lack of light but also from fatigue and jet lag!

How PSiO treats SAD?

The audio action enables the person to listen to recordings that could be called antidepressants. They are basically voice recordings backed by sounds of nature and soothing music in the background.

The light action induces distraction of the user’s attention by causing a rapid relaxation and at the same time acts upon the secretion of melatonin.

This relaxation technique by ‘positive suggestion’ generally puts the cortex at complete rest. In addition, stimulations by light are synchronized to the audio in order to contribute to great synergistic action on the user which quickly feels energized and in a good mood.

PSiO has developed two special programs for successfully treating SAD:

Joy of Life

A running river cleanses the impurities from your memories. Pleasant memories and beautiful dreams from your childhood bump into each other. Two stories take you to the country of light where «negative vibes are cleansed». This recording brings deep relaxation and a moment of intense happiness. It helps you open up to your potential for change and prepares the subconscious to live life positively. It provides a radical key to react constructively to depression!

Be Happy Again

When your mind gets its magic powers back and becomes an artist, painting everything around it, making life more colorful, when a boat trip makes you experience the simple and essential things in life, two stories help you to open up to joy and to smile at life. This title helps worried, broken down minds to find solutions by making the necessary changes when you listen to it multiple times.

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