PSiO for Sportsmen

PSiO improves concentration necessary for sport

It helps to achieve better results

Dr. Jacques Bailly, a sports medicine specialist, says: “I used PSYCHOMED technology personally first, and then on my patients to help them through pain management. I also used the technology when I was in charge of monitoring the football players in Seraing. Even on the bus that took the players to the province of the opposing team, I advocated the use of the device for enhanced stress management before the competition. I recall players then reminding me regularly not to forget to bring the devices so that they could relax before the game! This technology is truly effective and I could not do without it as part of my practice.”

PSIO glasses for sportsmen are designed for:

  • stress management
  • jet lag problem
  • concentration and efficiency improvement
  • strengthening self-confidence
  • improvement of mood
  • helps reduce pains and helps in healing the injuries
  • improvement of sleep

You can see more about PSiO here: https://www.psio.com/en/research-others.html

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