Program Types

There are hundreds of PSiO programs for different purposes

In Belgium and France, this technology has been used for 25 years

The PSiO® applications are presented in three categories:

  • The morning sessions: guided meditation sessions and positive visualization to practice in obtaining the utmost attention.
  • The afternoon sessions: generally called power naps in music with short (2-5 min), medium (10-15 min), or long (30-40 min) settings.
  • The evening sessions: guided relaxation sessions offering a total release taking attention and soothing suggestions of multi-evocations (25-40 min).

In addition, there are special adaptations. The sessions called « photo-sensitive » are MP3 recordings encoded in continuous light and in pulsed light.

How does Audioceuticals work / Active Principle?

Active Principle 1: first body relaxation

The proposed relaxation technique is based mainly on a relaxing voice but also on soft music and sounds of nature. A basis of recognized techniques, Audioceuticals first offer a

guided physical relaxation based on relaxation therapy, contractions, expansions, segments of awareness and their state of tension, breathing slow, controlled exhalation, etc.

Active Principle 2: then the relaxation of the mind

Specific sound frequencies induce particularly the alpha brain waves (relaxation condition) to appear in the background. Gradually, rumination decreases. Then, different

stories, sometimes in the right ear, sometimes in the left ear helps to clear your mind. The suggestion phase can begin…

Active Principle 3: targeted suggestion

This technique is based on metaphorical stories including soothing images with symbolism: a holiday landscape, a walk in the forest accompanied by birdsong, a memorable weekend by the sea, climbing a hill for a fun challenge to reach the top, etc. Positive visualization and pleasing images actually cause immediate relief to the nervous and emotional level. The suggestions and the pictures change, depending on the theme you select.

Active Principle 4: the self-repair triggers

Audioceuticals are one of the keys that open the doors to natural self-repair, such as :

– Sweet Voice

– Empathy

– Heat

– Emotions

– Intention

– Conviction

Because of this wide range of programs and the different uses of PSIO glasses, they become a popular part of the offer of many modern hotels and wellness centers.

Recently, well-known Marriott hotels in Paris also included PSiO glasses in their guest rooms.

You can see more about PSiO programs here: https://www.psio.com/en/programs.html

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