Light Therapy

Light & Relaxation combined – The new yoga for your mind!

Innovative wellness technology as an alternative to antidepressants, anxiolytics, and sleeping pills

The PSiO® technology has been used for over 30 years in recovery rooms, sleep laboratories, and also hospitals to replace or reduce painkillers and sedatives that are normally administered alongside local or loco-regional anesthesia to counter stress during surgery. In contrast to drugs, this method has proven after 30 years of practice that there are no side effects. PSiO is also certified by the French National Measurement Laboratory (LNE) to be completely safe for the eyes. The PSiO is designed to last.

The PSiO technology offers an innovative, simple and effective solution to rediscover optimum wellbeing. Depending on the time of the day and the need, the sessions are tailored in terms of rhythms, colors, and eventually relaxing messages. The programs in the “Pulsed Light” mode favor a quick distraction of one’s attention helping to shut down ‘brain chatter’. They are appropriate for sleep or stress disorders. The programs in the “Continuous Light” mode are, in turn, frequently used to fight against SAD. Quick recovery session on rest area Use the PSiO solution It can be divided into 1 to 3 sessions per day:

  • Morning sessions (positive visions) They allow you to wake up more efficiently with adequate light and start the day in good shape thanks to positive visualization experienced with your PSiO.
  • Afternoon sessions (music) They are powernap programs that allow you to have a very short and efficient recovery break in music while stimulating the mind. The Result: you will feel highly energized!
  • Evening sessions (relaxing voices) The pulsed colors associated with relaxing voices & music help you stop the incessant flow of thoughts and naturally put your mind at rest.

The PSiO is a real breakthrough with regards to sleep and stress management … and is finally a serious and safe alternative to the overconsumption of drugs (sleeping pills, antidepressants, anxiolytics, etc.)

The PSiO relaxation is mostly used by doctors (especially surgeons and anesthesiologists) and dentists to reduce pain, stress, and fear during the procedure, thereby reducing anesthesia, sedation, and faster recovery.

Many piercing and tattoo salons also use PSiO to reduce pain and fear during treatment.

Modern wellness centers and luxury hotels have included PSiO relaxation in their offer.

Large companies like NASA, IBM, Google, Intel, and many other modern companies use PSiO to improve the efficiency of their employees.

In the last few years, PSiO technology has finally become available for home use, so everyone can purchase their PSiO glasses for everyday use.

For everyday use PSiO glasses are mainly designed for people:

  • Who suffer from insomnia
  • Who suffer from stress
  • Who suffer from seasonal depression and poor mood
  • Who suffer from chronic fatigue
  • Who travel often and suffer from jet lag
  • Who needs surgery or recover from it
  • Who needs to reduce chronic pain
  • Who want to improve the quality of living
  • Who wants to grow and develop personally
  • Who are sportsmen and athletes
  • Who are engaged in intellectual work

You can see more about PSiO here: https://www.psio.com/en/presentation.html

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