Learning Transpersonal Meditation

Balances the nervous system activation and hormonal levels, increases brain coherence, develops higher work efficiency

Everyone can easily learn to meditate, even children from age 5!

Scientific research that has studied the psychological state of a “wakeful hypometabolic state” that is formed by practicing silent meditation suggests that it has a beneficial effect on reducing stress, increasing intelligence, and the general state of the body.

The purpose of meditation is not mystical or astral experience during meditation, but its effects in everyday life. Even mind-calming is not the purpose of meditation, but the natural result of its proper practice.

Silent meditation is a simple method that creates a lasting sense of inner fulfillment, bliss, and joy if it is practiced regularly.

The technique is unique and includes the use of a special sound or vibration – mantra, which transcends. In the state of transcendence, our brain is in a deeply relaxed state and works in delta brain waves (from 0 to 4 hertz).

Mantra is a word that has no particular meaning; it is the root-primordial sound, pronounced in Sanskrit, and is determined individually.

It’s a simple, natural, effortless exercise that is practiced twice a day for 15-20 minutes, sitting comfortably, with your eyes closed. It’s not about religion, philosophy or lifestyle, but about psycho-physical relaxation. Silent meditation is the most effective self-esteem method and can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their religious affiliation or atheism.

Who needs meditation?

  • All those who need deep relaxation
  • Anyone who wants to create inner peace
  • Anyone who wants to reduce the stress in his/her daily life
  • All those who want to create a balance in his/her being
  • All those who want to improve his/her mental efficiency
  • Anyone who wants to develop creativity
  • All those who want to deepen intuition
  • Anyone who wants to improve sleep
  • Anyone who wants to reduce anxiety
  • Anyone who wants to improve his/her psycho-immunity
  • All those who wish to expand their consciousness
The benefits of the meditation

During the years, more than 500 scientific studies have been conducted at 200 independent universities and institutions in 33 countries and have been published in more than 100 leading scientific journals. These studies have found that transcendental meditation:

Improves physical health:

  • improves heart health
  • prevents psychosomatic disorders and stress-related illnesses
  • develops faster recovery and greater resistance to stress
  • reduces excess body weight

Improves mental-emotional health:

  • reduces anxiety and depression
  • increases inner peace and contentment
  • reduces the need for tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antidepressants, and drugs
  • increases emotional stability and maturity
  • reduces irritability
  • develops higher states of consciousness
  • develops of intuition
  • develops creativity and inner harmony
What is the mantra in meditation?

Mantras are healing words, whose meaning is in the sounds they produce when they are pronounced. They are the root sounds that have been reciting and repeated in meditations for thousands of years. They are used for healing, developing spiritual awareness, calming down mental activity, and emotional calmness.

The goal of mantra is to direct the sound and vibration in a certain direction, whose repetition creates a certain vibration (energy) and harmony in the mind that is then transferred to the body.

The word mantra comes from the root of two Sanskrit words: ‘man’ meaning the mind and the ‘tra’ meaning liberation. The goal is to calm down the mind by pointing it to just one thought, through which we transcend.

The mantra has always been individually selected to awake processes in people, balance the mind, stabilize emotions, and thus help to heal ourselves and experience the benefits of meditation.

They are spoken mentally, in Sanskrit, for the depths of the sounds and vibrations they create in their original form.

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