PSIO glasses establish a natural circadian rhythm

It can first help fall asleep, and can also prevent awakening at night.

The PSiO technology is designed to establish a natural circadian rhythm. The beneficial effect of light is related to its direct influence on the secretion of melatonin, also known as the “sleep hormone”, and the neurotransmitter ‘serotonin’. The PSiO glasses can regulate sleep disorders at two levels. It can first help fall asleep, and it can also prevent awakening at night.

Sleep may be affected because of the famous “brain chatter”, these thoughts that come back and seemingly never stop. The cortex is composed of several layers of neurons that communicate with each other and that are responsible for all analytic and comparative thoughts. In this part of the brain, a special area is responsible for the faculty of attention. It is at this level that the PSiO technology can intervene by acting as a powerful attention “distractor”. While it is clear that the absence of light promotes sleep, darkness, unfortunately, does not stop chronic overthinking. On the contrary, a thousand thoughts generally arise in the dark and quiet of the night, often generated by stress or anxiety. The originality of the approach proposed by the PSiO device is to paradoxically use light to distract one’s attention!

In order to ensure the person reaches this state of total relaxation at the border of sleep, an MP3 player has been placed in the PSiO device. Thus, the device broadcasts audio messages simultaneously with the action of red light that will complement the overall action to relax the person. Soft music starts in combination with a pulsed light session followed by the broadcast of two voices alternately succeeding each other. A man and a woman talk and offer the person simple relaxation exercises. They first raise awareness of the different segments of the body, followed by muscle contraction & release, long expirations, etc. At certain specific points in the recording, two stories are told simultaneously in the right and left ear. This is a method that prevents the person’s critical and analytical faculties from concentrating on the suggestions and completes the action of pulsed light to generate an even deeper “letting go” of the attention. This method of indirect suggestion was invented by the famous Dr. Erickson in the 1970s. As a general rule, the person’s conscious “gives up” and stops paying attention to the two stories. The attention moves then to total rest and the mind which is still awake finds itself for a time on the edge of sleep. It is a border state where one “hears” but does not “listen” anymore. At the end of the recording, the auditory level automatically decreases and shifts to whispered suggestions. Once the person has reached the state where his or her attention is “switched off”, soothing messages are conveyed in the form of stories, fairy tales, legends, texts coming from other types of therapy, and stories inspired by everyday life. It is usually at this time that the mind switches to a restful sleep. The ingredients of dreams are often borrowed to the last hours before falling asleep, and we empirically notice that people experience serene nights and pleasant dreams. A feeling of subjective rest in the morning is also regularly reported.

This system has been used with great success in sleep laboratories for over twenty years in Belgium and particularly in Brugman Clinic (Dr. Hoffman) and Saint Elisabeth Clinic (Dr. Lachman). Dr. Patrick Lemoine (sleep specialist, Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Research Director at the Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France, and professor at the Beijing Medical University in China) personally uses the PSiO for jetlag regulation during his many travels. According to him, “it is hard NOT to fall asleep” with the PSiO. So, he naturally introduced it as part of his medical consultations and started prescribing the PSiO with his most severe insomniac patients with often surprising results. He said: “The system has changed the way I treat my most severely affected patients”.

Programs designed for good sleep are:

  • Fall Asleep in the Garden of Gods
    In your perfectly relaxed state, detached from everything, this recording will take you on an extraordinary trip, a journey to the borders of the universe, to the edge of your own personal dimension. As you listen, you will gradually, get rid of your worries and fall asleep naturally before the end of the recording!
  • Sleep
    This program will take you irresistibly into the arms of Morpheus. The induced brain waves are delta waves (wide and slow). Thanks to the repetitive stimulation, your mind first empties out, your body becomes heavy, and you are gradually overtaken by sleepiness. You will feel drowsiness grow with every minute until you eventually end up asleep on the doorstep of dreams.
  • Hypno-Sleep
    Starting with « ambient » music and BETA to ALPHA audiovisual stimulation at the beginning of the session, this program then takes you towards DELTA waves, the slow waves of sleep. As its name indicates, it is particularly effective if you are having trouble sleeping or falling back asleep.

You can see more about PSiO here: https://www.psio.com/en/sleep.html

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