Transpersonal Psychology,
Natural Medicine, Healing,
Art, Spirituality, Music

Working Methodology


Holistic and Friendly Approach

I see the person as a whole and have a completely individual approach from the level of body, emotions, behavior, and consciousness.


Free first appointment

I always give a chance to my clients to get to know me and my working methods before they opt for any kind of therapy or counseling.


Uniting East and West

I use my knowledge to eclectically connect ancient, traditional therapies with modern technology and approach according to the 21st century!


Health Center HARMONY

Non-profit NGO Association Harmonija “Health Center Harmony” and “Harmonija trade” operate under the license of HUPED, and provide therapeutic-healing services, information, counseling, and lectures in the field of transpersonal psychology, natural medicine, and artistic expression in Istria, based in Poreč – Croatia.

All our activities and services are interconnected and integrated into one single unit. The main goal of all our activities is to improve the quality of life of our clients.

About Conny

My work is not based on religious or some philosophical belief, it’s based on equality, (no matter of gender, age, race, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.), nonviolence, socially responsible behavior, tolerance, and acceptance of differences between people.

I’m using my knowledge and skills eclectically with a holistic and friendly approach through the integration of knowledge and wisdom of transpersonal psychology, spirituality, various directions of psychotherapy, natural medicine, and art.




Conny is an amazing woman – a professional and very special person. I am deeply impressed with the wealth of knowledge, depth, and personal way of applying knowledge from various fields of alternative medicine and healing.

~ Dr.med. Manda Pripunić ~


I would always highly recommend her and I believe that the world is becoming more charming, more grounded, kinder, and healthier because of her deep dedication to your inner power. She knows you got it!

~ Helena Summer, international speaker ~


She is a dear person with a lot of knowledge, and an approachable person full of tenderness and patience committed to everything she does. It’s reliable, hardworking, and full of positive vibes. She has a relaxing and calming effect on me. She helped Lana, my daughter, and me a lot. She is always there and helps us whenever needed.

~ Larisa Ratković, dipl.oec ~

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