Functional Disorders

Vegetative nervous system disorders without organic basis

PSIO programs are designed for relaxing and stress release

Functional somatic syndrome or vegetative neurosis is a term used to refer to physical symptoms that are poorly explained. It encompasses disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic widespread pain, temporomandibular disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, lower back pain, tension headache, atypical face pain, non-cardiac chest pain, insomnia, palpitation, dyspepsia, and dizziness.

Psychological trauma or stress appears to predispose persons to have this syndrome.

It occurs in as many as 30% of patients in general medical practice, but it is infrequently a topic of formal instruction. Many physicians feel uncomfortable with medically unexplained symptoms and are unfamiliar with how to assess or manage them. Traditional medical approaches can be ineffective and can contribute to iatrogenic or adverse physiologic effects in patients. Physicians treating patients with FSS should not only consider standard medical tests, but they should also try to gain a deeper behavioral understanding of the mind-body connections that underlie the presenting symptoms.

The PSiO technology offers a few programs specially designed to treat FSS:

Cardio Relaxation

Stress directly impacts muscle tension by constricting the size of the vascular walls. Relaxation is therefore recommended to complement medication to reduce stress. People who have suffered a heart attack or have chest pains may feel that the world is full of threatening signs. This perception makes it difficult for them to have a positive attitude to help them to calm down and make them feel better.

Respi Relaxation

From psychogenic hyperventilation to allergic bronchial asthma, there are many respiratory disorders where psychosomatics actually spark or aggravate the situation. Profound physical and psychological relaxation obtained through suggestions and musical atmosphere reflect the immediate and lasting effects of suggestions designed to facilitate respiratory relaxation.


Although the physiopathology of migraines and tension headaches are very different, they both respond well to physical and psychological relaxation. Through appropriate suggestions, the muscles of the neck (where the vertebral arteries that channel blood to the brain are located) begin to relax and unconscious vasomotor disorders of smooth muscles are soothed. This program induces a state of profound relaxation that acts on voluntary and involuntary muscles.

Managing Psoriasis

Difficulty to express your emotions, the fear of displeasing others by daring to say « NO » and poor management of generosity are some of the factors that set off psoriasis or which form part of the chronic nature of some psoriatic lesions. In these situations, the subconscious sends a message to ask you to retreat a little. This message uses your hereditary ground by setting off a reaction on your skin or in your joints, reactions that you are familiar with.

Prenatal Relaxation

The risk of premature childbirth, the pain of labor programmed since childhood, and even the risk of breech delivery in the three last weeks of pregnancy are obstetric problems for which scientific literature turns to the role of psychological factors and the effectiveness of appropriate intervention when no biological cause can be identified. The great level of physical and psychological relaxation obtained through suggestion and sound reflects the effectiveness of suggestions directed at uterine relaxation and perineal comfort. For use after the third month of pregnancy.

Meta Climax

Pleasure is directly linked to your emotional and imaginative state. This is especially true for women. This program is a rich source of indirectly erotic sensory and visual images that act subtly on the subconscious. Increasing your capacity for erotic fantasy through pleasant and positive visualization is a great way to optimize your orgasmic potential, just like muscular exercise works to restore muscle tone.

Sensually Yours

Advertising, movies, television, and magazines give us a picture of a world that is so sensual and erotic that more and more men and women feel frustrated because they are not experiencing the same adventure. This mirage leads to a sense of failure in the real world. However, achieving sensual pleasures can be simple both physically and sentimentally. To let go of this mirage and to find them loving, sensual instincts in ourselves, we need to have confidence in our emotional, subconscious brain.

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