Differences Between Natural and Cassical Medicine

Alternative medicine is not a substitute for classical medicine, but its addition!

Alternative or unconventional medicine is a set of ancient, several thousand years old medical systems, as well as new modern healing methods.

We should have in mind that alternative medicine is not a substitute for classical medicine, but its addition. Inexperienced people usually go to some extreme – either they believe in everything, or they believe in nothing. Both alternative and classical medicine have their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes only a natural method is required for the treatment or improvement of the health condition, sometimes only classical, and often both can be combined.

Eg. if you have experienced a traffic accident in which you have broken your leg, of course, you will first go to the hospital. You may also need surgical intervention. After that, you can consider taking homeopathic remedies to help bone and injury better heal.

Today’s modern medical technology can do miracles – from various diagnostic methods to surgery. Or if you have been infected with a serious bacterial infection that can be life-threatening, of course, antibiotics are a solution. But alternative medicine is excellent in everyday illnesses, especially psychosomatic illnesses and as an additional therapy to the classical treatment of chronic illnesses.

Alternative medicine perceives the disease as “stuckness” or suffering that needs to be solved. ”Stuckness” can be emotional, mental physical. Our spirit triggers our body and revives it through thoughts and emotions and so creates action. There is no emotion without thought or thought without emotion, and every psycho-emotional process acts on the body.

Today, there are many sources of information, especially on the Internet, from which we can get to a lot of information. Before you go to some alternative treatment, I advise you to check how much this person (therapist, healer) is skilled in what he/she is doing, what kind of schools/colleges/faculties he or she has completed, how much work experience he/she has, and does he/she have a working license from professional organizations. Also, inform yourself about the therapy or healing itself.

George Vitulkas, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Health in 1996, says, “Looking at classical and alternative medicine, I think a great misunderstanding has emerged when it comes to health and medicine. There is a general conviction, especially in the field of official medicine, that ongoing improvements have brought more progress and a better state of health. In reality, not only there are not be improvements, but on the contrary, the emergence of newer and newer chemical drugs, with their side effects and accompanying effects, has caused great damage to the deeper levels of the human body.

This misunderstanding was due to the confusion caused by surgery and therapeutics. When it comes to the advancement of medicine, it refers to the achievements of modern technology in surgery. Today’s cutting-edge surgery with all the high technology it creates truly amazing results. But most of the medicine is therapeutic that is applied daily to millions of people on our planet. Doctors never explicitly and openly admit that their therapies with artificially created chemical drugs can not cure chronic diseases such as arthritis, bronchial asthma, allergic conditions, various mental disorders and many more. If today’s official therapeutic system could really cure, so far the number of chronic illnesses would have decreased, or it would be completely gone.’

Holistic medicine starts from the point where all aspects of a person need to be considered in the treatment, and one must observe a person as part of a whole rather than its individual parts. It works primarily on removing and finding the cause (not only symptoms) of the disease.

Hippocrates (our father of classical medicine) insisted that the physician must know the conditions in which the patient lives. His basic idea was to strengthen the natural resistance of the human body (immune system) in therapy.

Holism is a biological theory in which the organism as a whole directs the physical-chemical processes in the living being, stimulating the organism to activate the immune system, which helps a person to move from the condition of the disease to health.

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