After Atlas Therapy

After Atlas Therapy, you can normally work, exercise, or engage in sports

After Atlas therapy begins the process of regeneration and self-healing

Returning the Atlas to his natural position is lifelong (except in case of traffic accident or injury where a strong head shake is possible) and only one treatment is needed, but often persons have muscular and neckline stiffness, which is why it is desirable to come at least for one control in 2 to 3 weeks after Atlas therapy and have a massage.

After the treatment (at least 2 to 3 months) it is desirable to do special exercises for the neck and spine.

With returned Atlas in its natural position, you can normally work, exercise, or engage in sports. During the first 2 months of Atlas correction, you should not jump on the trampoline and stand on the head (shirshasana yoga pose), while you can freely do a shoulder stand or candle pose (Sarvangasana yoga pose).

No therapy is a panacea (a cure for all). There is no magic wand, magic method, or magic pills that will solve all of your health problems. Most people have sub-luxated Atlas which is the cause of most pain in the neck, shoulders, and back, but there are also various painful conditions when Atlas is not causing. An example may be a migraine – a large percentage of migraine gradually decreases and disappears after Atlas therapy, however, the cause of migraine may also be changed in the weather or air pressure for meteoropaths, women’s hormones (during ovulation and PMS), improper diet, various illnesses and the like. All the problems caused by the improper position of the Atlas will decrease in the coming days, weeks, and months after the Atlas has been corrected into its natural position. But problems with which Atlas is not a direct cause, you will have to deal in a different way.

In most cases, it is realistic to expect a reduction in pain intensity (meaning the pain will occur less and less frequently), better head mobility, increased oxygen flow to the brain, better head, and body connection, and improved head circulation.

For many people, Atlas therapy has indirectly helped improve vision or hearing, reducing excessive sweating, restoring cartilage in the hips and knees. However, this is all done individually and it takes time to heal.

After the Atlas correction begins the process of regeneration and self-healing. Reactions can occur already on the day of correction, or after a couple of weeks, months, or even years. It all depends on your health condition. It is also possible that it comes to immediate balance, general improvement of the health condition, and the disappearance of subjective symptoms. However, there may also be a “healing crisis” at which the organism is rapidly passing through the natural process of healing, and reactions are intensified. Symptoms may occur in reverse order from the sequence of their occurrence.

Types of possible reactions:

  • Body cleansing process (detox) – through increased sweating, urination, diarrhea, cough, running nose, etc. These are all ways the organism can be cleansed of bacteria, viruses, and toxins so that it can function again perfectly. We recommend consuming two liters of water per day and for one month one liter of Taheebo (Lapacho) tea.
  • Tiredness – a sign that the body is going through inflammatory processes. In the coming days and weeks, we recommend as much rest, quality sleep, and meditation as possible.
  • Emotional cleansing – the states of depression and anger, as well as strong negative thoughts, may appear temporarily and gradually disappear.
  • “Healing crisis” – short-term symptoms of non-properly healed physical or psycho-emotional illnesses may occur before healing occurs.
  • Temporary muscular pain in the occiput, neck, shoulders, and back may occur during regeneration and adaptation to the new way of holding the body. For this reason, it is necessary to perform exercises and massages that support the process of self-discovery.

Since most of us are born with sub-luxated Atlas, the body needs some time for regeneration. Diseases and problems caused by non-centered Atlas have not occurred overnight, so the speed of self-recovery also depends on your current health condition. With your own active support in the form of massages, exercises, and the release of bad habits and unhealthy eating, the self-healing process can be accelerated and strengthened.

Atlas therapy is not a miraculous method that can cure all problems accumulated throughout the years. Be patient with yourself and the process of self-healing.

Once you have a centered Atlas, all the other (classic and alternative) therapies will be much more effective and efficient thanks to the free flow of nervous and life energy that has been blocked to a greater or less degree.

Bioresonant therapy has proven to be a major support in the process of self-healing and regeneration because it acts at the cellular level and significantly accelerates the healing process and relieves the “healing crisis”.

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