Dance biography

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 My dance experience I began with classical ballet in the first grade of primary school. I love dancing since I can remember!

With active dance I begun in adulthood, when I started dance therapy and management of artistic dance group Rhythm Divine in Vukovar in September 2006th; in 2010th I founded the dance group Mystic in Osijek.

I have experience in conducting dance workshops, through which passed over a thousand women and girls from the area of Vukovar, Osijek, Vinkovci, Ilok and the surrounding villages, and many tourists in the hotel resort Solaris in Šibenik, Croatia. The youngest participant was only 3 years old, the oldest 80 years.

I have extensive experience in group and solo performances, and in designing c1df01b_8a8ee297334ea461a2f085b1485a1ef0horeographies. I danced at various festivals, humanitarian events, promotions, cultural events, beauty contests Miss of Croatia, charity parties … I was a guest on several television shows and similar events.

My first dance steps I learned from the English psychologist and dance therapist named Ishtar. After that I attended private lessons and many dance workshops in Zagreb with Maja Lacković (oriental dance), Dunja Ćuh (oriental dance) and Ana Milošević (bolywood Indian dances). Then I went to the workshop of known Slovenian dancer Vesna Jevšenak (drum solo), Hawaiian dance workshop with famous Hungarian dancer Aleksandra Cegledi, intensive workshop of Kathak (classical Indian dance) led by Sushma Ghosh, and of course I participated in workshops Drum Solo Classic Egyptian Belly Dance under the guidance of my favorite worldwide popular dancer and member of the most famous dance ensemble Bellydance Superstars, Sonia Ochoa.

I completed 2 degrees of NeoDance (the spiritual dance of old Europe) – Dance of Nature and Dance of Consciousness.

I am also a member of the Giostra and, as such, I dance Baroque dances.

I consider myself as a creative person, which stands for spiritual freedom. My deepest inner being I transmit into the dance. For me, dance is not just art, entertainment or recreation, for me, dance is expression of the soul, just as Rumi, the famous Persian mystic of 13th century, says:

like a speck of dust blown about in the wind.

Dancing is when you rise above worlds

Tearing your heart into pieces and giving

up your soul!”